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Hi Laura! My friend is getting her nose pierced, and she wants me to go with her, since we haven't seen each other in a while. Do you think that her nose would be in enough pain that we wouldn't be able to Go to the movies or something after? Thanks :)

Piercings hurt while the needle and jewellery are going through the skin, the pain lasts a couple of seconds :) She’ll be able to do most things, as long as dirty water and exercise isn’t involved 

Hey Laura I was wondering with having bright hair when you wet/wash your hair does it ever stain your back when some colour washes out? I was wondering if this was normal. My back has pretty much turned blue and it wont come out :S

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Try using warm water and an exfoliator <3 

How long did it take you to do all the dreads? look awesome btw :) x

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6 hours! D: thanks, i love them :) happy to have them back

Has you ever had a piercing bump?

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I’m not sure what you mean by that? :P

Questions I think of at 2am.... How difficult is it to pick your nose with a septum piercing in? Care to shine some light on the subject please Laura? ^.^ <3

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Practice makes perfect ;)




bish whet?

bitch wait

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How do you and your family afford to go on holiday a lot as you don't have a job? Don't mean to be nosey, just curious as I want to travel the world a lot too :) xx

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I’m actually not going away this year, I have other plans but in the past I used Youtube earnings

Snook in 5 dreads 🙊


my mom just said “watch this” then ran a red light and said “i just don’t care”

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Our kind of bouquet! 💐 All lipsticks back in stock on (link in profile)



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me trying to exercise


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" When people say “You’ve changed” there’s a 95% chance that you just stopped acting the way they wanted you to. "

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